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About us

Network of experts
Network of experts

The E-Security Exchange combines the skills and experience of experts from the world of data protection, anti-corruption, and e-learning. It is a one-stop-shop that will satisfy your compliance requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

Our material can be customised to suit staff from all functions and all levels of ability.

Our materials are ideal for training in the Bribery Act and Data Protection Act.

The need for our services

Vigilant staff
Vigilant staff

Within today's organisations, the responsibility for data protection is not confined to the IT department: the entire organisation needs to support the principles of:

  • confidentiality - protecting information from unauthorised access;
  • integrity - preventing data from being corrupted;
  • availability - ensuring that authorised users have access to information in a reliable and timely manner
  • accountability - maintaining systems for tracing actions to their source if information has been compromised.


Materials that will keep you fully informed

Integrated Security

In addition, consider just some of the key trends that organisations must address:

  • the proliferation of data storage options in which vast quantities of valuable and often sensitive data can travel as e-mail attachments or transferred to portable devices;
  • the outsourcing of functional activities to third parties who are given access to data concerning customers, staff and commercially sensitive projects;
  • the increased popularity of social networking sites on the Internet where personal data can be exploited by the online criminal;
  • the rise and growing sophistication of organised online crime that is finding more ingenious ways to access systems and steal data for financial gain.

The E-Security Exchange addresses these and other challenges through the delivery of learning and development resources that are designed to create safe networks and a culture that is vigilant towards a wide range of security threats.