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Managers and directors are now faced with what might appear as an overwhelming range of compliance requirements that leave them exposed to the risk of fines, reputational damage, share price volatility and lost customers. That's why we've created a series of clear and practical e-learning units to help with risk management and compliance. They'll also deliver clear commercial benefits. 

Our Bribery Act e-learning units will help you address one of the toughest anti-corruption laws in the world. 

What is bribery?

Bribery involves giving or receiving something of value to influence a transaction. Some examples of bribery include: a student offering a university lecturer a gold watch prior to an exam; the director of a construction firm offering a council official money in order to obtain planning permission; a farmer offering money and overseas holidays to the procurement manager of a supermarket in order to obtain a supplier contract; a journalist offering money to a police officer in exchange for confidential information. These examples show that bribery can take place across a wide range of sectors and within small and large organisations.

Why should directors be concerned about bribery?

The UK Bribery Act 2010 creates several offences (with a maximum penalty of 10 years' imprisonment and / or an unlimited fine) for which employees, directors and commercial organisations can be held liable. Under the Act, any individual or organisation doing business in the UK or with ties to the UK may be prosecuted if found guilty of bribery. 

The law introduced the corporate offence of failure to prevent bribery which imposed strict liability on a company for the actions of a person associated with it. The only defence for a company is for it to prove it had adequate procedures in place to prevent bribery. 

Our online Bribery Act training series is ideal for making sure your business is not at risk. The series conforms to Bribery Act 2010 Guidance ie Communication, including training, to prevent bribery.